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Posted June 27, 2010 by justagirlygirl77
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I just started playing a game called wizardry school, on Facebook. Although, games are fun to play occasionally. I think Facebook games are too addicting. I started playing the game @ 8 am it’s now 3:08pm and I’m still playing. I’ll probably be playing until I go to bed. After today I doubt if I’ll play again, but today I plan on getting as far as I can. The truth behind why it’s taking so long is the fact that you have to wait to replenish your energy or pay $2 for an instant boost. Why pay for something you can get for free just by waiting. It takes about 3 min to gain 1 energy point, so it’s obvious why this game can have a person sitting in front of the computer for a while. Better yet, you can just turn it off and do something constructive. Not, today though I have to go as far as I can. I have to be the best. After that I’ll get help for the OCD!

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The incredible shrinking Farrah

Posted April 17, 2010 by justagirlygirl77
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As I mentioned before I wear a body magic body shaper every day. When I first starting wearing it I had to use an extention. I am sooo happy to say that not only do I not need an extention anymore, but I am able to close it using the last set of hooks. Go me! My back feels better and I’m able move freely while wearing it. I have heard alot of women saying they would wear it but they are having trouble using the restroom. Well, I can get in and out of the restroom in 2 min (yes I timed it) the trick is to hold and strech the back side to the front and while closing it keep streching it forward. That’s what works for me. There’s also a YouTube video on other ways to do this. I am loving my body shaper and I can’t wait to get a smaller size. Guess what? that time is right around the corner because the one that I’m wearing now was oringinally to small for me and now it’s feeling a little loose. So for any one who thinks yeah right!, get one and see! Then you’ll know and you’ll want to get healthy because that’s what Ardyss does. It shows you what could be then gives you the tools to make it happen! Don’t take my word for it, take yours!

“Always think outside the box, otherwise you’ll get trapped inside.”

Ardyss Life & the Parties

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Went to my first Ardyss party tonight. It was informative. There are so many benefits to joining Ardyss. The money is great, but I mean the products. I plan on getting a few myself. I’m using the le’vive and Ardyss Plus and I have to say that I’m feeling more alert and my alergies are under control and it’s only my second day. I can’t wait to try the memory charge, cause anyone who knows me knows I need it. Really need it! The AM/PM is for matabalism and Top Fiber is self explanitory. It’s a good thing I’m a distributor cause I get them at whole sale. A friend of mine and my niece tried on a body magic and a picture is worth a thousand words.

Improved posture, lifted boobies and lifted behind! All in 10 minutes.

Everything you need you can find it @

“Always think outside the box
otherwise you’ll get trapped inside.”

So much for brotherly love.

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I just joined a networking community today. Geared towards black people. I was excited, meeting people like me who wanted to promote themselves and their businesses.
I joined a few business groups and saw that they were all advertising their businesses and telling each other how to make money from home and other small business endeavours.
Well, I began telling them about Ardyss and how to join.
Well, would you believe they kicked me of the site for spaming. Wow! I was telling people in a business group about my business and I’m spaming.
What about the people asking for investments. People asking people to visit their sites. These were business groups, how is talking about your business spam.
After all that’s what networking is all about, meeting people that can in some way help you along. Why meet people just for one night stands and sharing bumper stickers. Who want to farm a fake farm anyway.
There was a group about health that had people showing off their bodies and I get kicked off for inappropriate behavior.
All I was trying to do was tell people in a business forum about a business opportunity.
The way this planet works makes me want to get off!
Social networks are for hook-ups and passing the time. It’s sad when you can’t use these sites for what they were intended.

Thanks for your help!?!

“Always think outside the box, otherwise you’ll get trapped inside.”

Wow! The results

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Just had a visit from my sister. As a distributor I was able to give her an Ardyss body shaper as a gift. She looked at it with skepticism as she unfastened the hooks.
She slipped it on and needed help reattaching the hooks. I helped her and after the initial pulling and tugging we got it on and all hooked up and WOW! the results were amazing.
She looked at her new silhouette and Smiled from ear to ear. She simply couldn’t stop admiring the transformation.
She wanted to know more about what Ardyss had to offer and I told her everything I knew and gave her a catalog.
That was an amazing experience and I hope to have many more. Seeing how happy she was made me happy.

An Appointment With Ardyss will Change Your Life!


“Always think outside the box, otherwise you’ll get trapped inside.”

And the hits just keep on coming.

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I got my “Box” from Ardyss. I ran to try on my new body magic and much to my chagrin I got the wrong size.
luckily I got the power pack so I had one in a bigger size, unlucky for me that was too small as well.
Didn’t feel like exchanging it because I was just so excited to have it.
I look on my site and saw that they sold extensions. This was perfect! I only needed a little wiggle room so this was absolutely perfect.
In my “Box” I also got a bottle of le’vive which is a vitamin supplement (made with a blend of five antioxidant producing fruits) and Ardyss plus (good for allergies and asthma) I figure how can I sell a product that I haven’t tried?
So, I plan on using them and I will let the world know just how Ardyss can change a persons life. Starting with me.
Again if you want to sign up or place an order, the process is simple just go to:


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The Ardyss Life

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Here’s a secret I haven’t shared with anyone. I’m sure they wouldn’t believe me even if I did.
My shoe size is an 8, but it wasn’t always so. I was actually a 9 when I decided I wanted smaller feet.
“I know! sounds crazy,well I just may be” here’s what I did:
I started wearing smaller shoes. An 8 1/2 until the shoes were broken in and comfortable, because for a while they weren’t.
Then I went down another size to an 8, until they became comfortable and that’s where I stayed.
With trying to loose weight, it just occurred to me that I can do the same thing with my body.
A friend of mine has been selling body shapers for a while.
She’s been telling me about the benefits of wearing them and selling them, but I’m a skeptic by nature so I had to think about it.
well, after 3 months of thinking, I finally decided to do it. I bought into the company and now I’m waiting for my shipment of body shapers and vitamin suppliments.
I can’t wait to try it! That doesn’t mean I’ll stop my Wii workouts, I’m just adding some support. Get it!
After I loose the weight I plan on recycling all my old clothes and getting a whole new wardrobe since I’ll be able to afford it.
By the way, the company is called Ardyss international, if you have back pains, things you want to get rid of (extra weight) or if you have a financial crisis you can go to:


*Click link or cut and paste in address box. *

My number is on the site if you want to sign up to be a distributor!

Me cuter! Who can imagine such a thing!

“Always think outside the box, otherwise you’ll get trapped inside.”